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            General Joseph Sowinski High School is one of the oldest schools in Warsaw. The construction of the school’s building, based on Mikolaj and Tadeusz Tolwinski’s design, began in 1914. The current name was given to the school in the year 1965. At present the school is an educational institution preparing students very well for studies at the best Polish universities.

            In all grades students learn two foreign languages: English and one of the following: Spanish, French, German or Russian, as their second foreign language.

            Apart from regular classrooms and the library there is also the arts hall (Gallery), 3 well-equipped gyms as well as a spacious and impressive hall. There are computers in most of the classrooms and many of them are equipped with interactive whiteboards and overhead projectors.

            Currently we are enrolling students in the following forms:


            -mathematics & geography

            -mathematics, physics & IT

            -biology& chemistry

            Our students may choose from a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and events run by high school teachers, university lecturers and invited guests (writers, scientists, coaches, etc.), which allow them to gain more knowledge as well as to develop their fitness. Among the above mentioned there are matura preparation classes, sports classes, Spanish Language Club, school trips, exhibitions, lectures and visits to museums, theatres and laboratories. We organise different theme days such as Talents Day, Spanish Day, International Day of Languages, International Theatre Day etc.

            Our pupils successfully participate in school contests in such fields as Philosophy, History, Social Studies, Polish and they also win prizes. Additionally,  they take part in various sports competitions.

            Moreover, they participate in language contests organised by the Spanish Embassy in Warsaw. Our school is  the coordinator of an e-Twinning project and cooperates with schools in Spain and Italy.

            In addition, our students have the possibility to travel to Spain for Spanish language courses. (In the school year 2016/2017 they were in Salamanca.) Our school creates a pleasant atmosphere and provides high level of education. Teachers help students develop their talents, achieve their goals, and feel safe and valuable.


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      • III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. gen. Józefa Sowińskiego
      • tel./fax 22 632 07 53
      • ul.Rogalińska 2 01-206 Warszawa Poland
      • metro: linia M2 (Rondo Daszyńskiego) bus: 102 (przystanek: Rogalińska) - 105,109,136, 155, 171, 178, 190 (przystanek: Szpital Wolski - kier.Płocka); 105,109, 155, 171, 178, 190 (przystanek: Szpital Wolski - kier.Rondo Daszyńskiego); tram: 10, 11,13, 26, 27 (przystanek: Płocka), SKM/KM - Warszawa Wola
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